Norwegian duo Lemaitre have named their forthcoming five-song EP 1749, but don’t expect any 18th-century sounds on this electropop gem. Ulrik Denizou Lund and Ketil Jansen live entirely in the present, crafting tunes that layer synths on top of horns on top of metronomic beats. If you’re wondering what 1749 actually means, there’s actually a pretty simple explanation. It’s the address of the band’s home and studio in Los Angeles, a place that represents just how far they’ve come from their Norwegian roots. “It represents the journey we’ve made and the process of creating music in our home away from home,” the duo explains. “We live with our video director, manager and our friend Sebastian ‘Coucheron,’ who also makes music. We all moved together from Norway to chase the dream of making music and living in L.A.”




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