Sigma were born in the underground. On weekends, they’d trawl clubs for drum’n’bass nights. On weekdays, they’d go to the studio to meld their own beats – on the off-chance their favorite DJs would drop them into their sets.

Now you’re just as likely to hear a Sigma track on the radio as at a drum’n’bass night. Ever since their 2014 smash hit Nobody To Love, Cam Edwards and Joe Lenzie have found a winning MO – marrying beats, honed on the club circuit, to uplifting choruses sung by rising British talent you can expect to find on a Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. In short, it’s music purpose-built to make you burst into song, pump your fist and bring a grin to your face. Back with their latest single “Find Me” featuring Birdy – Sigma are ready to blow up the airwaves with the song’s soaring vocals and pulsing beats.




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