Claire - Raseiniai

Released October 30th 2015 EP

A robbery, a mysterious telephone call and a nightclub stormed by a special police unit – the eventful story of the making of Claire’s new EP has more twists and turns than most spy thrillers. However, what at first sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster actually all happened that way, and these real events inspired the Munich electro-pop band in the making of their evocative 6-track mini-epic. “Raseiniai” is vivid, atmospheric music that you can dance to or sit down and listen to, somewhere along the spectrum between a soundtrack score and club tunes. However, the EP has even more to offer: in addition to the tracks, the band and the director Teresa Hoerl also came up with a narrative for a film that tells the story of the mysterious phone call.


What We Are Made Of


Calling Out


The Secret


Open Arms




Stay With You

Claire TV

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