24 Things You Didn’t Know About Astralwerks


Astralwerks – one of America’s pre-eminent homes for unique and forward-thinking artists – is marking its 24th year  so we figure we’d come up with a list of things you might not know about us. 24 things to be exact. Dig in more to our history over on the Astralwerks Timeline here.

  1. The name Astralwerks comes from a combination of the Van Morrison album title Astral Weeks & Kraftwerk 
  2. Astralwerks has been home to 233 artists since 1993
  3. The staff are proud parents to 6 kids and 3 dogs.
  4. The Chemical Brothers were the first electronic act to get a Grammy nomination.
  5. Halsey had her own cubicle at Astralwerks HQ during the Badlands campaign
  6. We once had to scrap 100K CD’s right before an album came out due to a sample that wasn’t cleared
  7. Astralwerks was the first indie label owned by a major to have a website and a way for fans to email and communicate with us directly.  We love our fans
  8. Fatboy Slim was the first electronic act to sell 1 million albums in America.
  9. The Empire State Building was lit up in blue and yellow in February 2013 to honor Swedish House Mafia’s NYC show.
  10. Halsey signed her recording contract with Astralwerks on the top of the Empire State Building in 2014
  11. Empire of the Sun single “Walking On a Dream” was released in 2008 and didn’t make its way to become a Top 3 single until 2016
  12. Daft Punk DJ’d the first Astralwerks Winter Music Conference party, unmasked.
  13. The label’s nickname at one time was The Doorway to Norway because we loved music from Scandinavia
  14. Astralwerks worked closely with Ralf Hutter the pioneering founder of Krafwterk on their first ever, 8-night installation 3D shows which took place at MOMA in NYC chronicling their seminal 8 albums from 1974-2003.
  15. The Beta Band famously had their song “Dry the Rain” featured in the film High Fidelity starring John Cusack & Jack Black.
  16. Astralwerks has released many soundtracks over the years to acclaimed films & TV shows such as Being John Malkovich, The Virgin Suicides, Six Feet Under & more.
  17. The Chemical Brothers opened for U2 in December 2000 at Irving Plaza to 1000 fans which was U2’s smallest NYC show in their history
  18. Swedish House Mafia were the first electronic act to sell out Madison Square Garden and did so in less than 10 minutes.
  19. When signed to Astralwerks, Sia’s song “Breathe Me” was featured in the emotional last scene of HBO’s Six Feet Under.
  20. The mysterious Midwestern duo Money Shots DJ the unofficial Astralwerks Coachella after-party every year.
  21. Astralwerks has had 30 Grammy nominations over 24 years.
  22. The first ever iPod Shuffle commercial featured The Caesers’ song “Jerk It Out”
  23. Our office was once in an old factory that made Kazoo’s
  24. Peter Gabriel once played an acoustic show with Joseph Arthur in our office