Dublin-based vocalist-producer and multi-instrumentalist EDEN, otherwise known as Jonathon Ng, debuts the video for his new track “crash,” – available now at all digital providers. Directed by EDEN’s frequent collaborators Zhang + Knight (Naughty Boy, Ghostpoet) and filmed in Kiev, the video premiered earlier today on V Magazine, who declared, “Both (EDEN’s) music and his persona seem reflective of his overall goal on his upcoming debut album – to make something grand and magical out of something that seems much smaller… Given the captivating and utterly intriguing output he’s given us so far, the task should be easily doable.”– watch it HERE.

“The intro and outro to this song are some of the oldest pieces of music on the album; they were just tunes I’d play on guitar and sing years ago,” says EDEN of the track. “For some reason, I could never find a way to make the song feel complete; nothing I put in the middle ever felt like it worked. Fast forward to 2017 while I was living in New York and late-night freestyling through the thoughts echoing round my head; suddenly everything clicked and the rest of ‘crash’ just flowed out of me. Much like the album itself, it was so cathartic to finish an idea that I had held onto for so long and to finally be in a place to translate that idea into music.”