From Ambient Roots To Block Rockin’ Beats

Initially started as a response to the growing ambient scene Astralwerks is formed.

1stMarch '93

Amorphous Androgynous Bio.

Amorphous Androgynous Tales Of Ephedrine bio – Man, I love that un-attributed quote at top of the bio: “How do we deal with a music which has no hero or anti-hero, no sex-love, no Elvis gene?”  – B. Long

1stMarch '93

Excursions In Ambience Bio

The release that gave us proof of concept.  Excursions in Ambience was the pre-cursor album that came out on Caroline before Astralwerks’ first release.  The Excursions series was created to capitalize on the growing ambient scene and included artists such as AIR and Future Sound of London.

1stMarch '93

AA - Excursions In Ambience Bio

Excursions In Ambience Bio – “Just who are these ambient pioneers”. Indeed. We ended up releasing two albums from Steve Hillage’s project 777. The Tranquility Bass song “Mya Yadana” is one of the most beautiful songs to come out during the era. This was the first of four EiA comps.  – B. Long

1stJune '93

Astralwerks First Sales Sheet - Amorphous Androgynous

The First Astralwerks “One Sheet” / Sales Sheet for Amorphous Androgynous.  Note that the first “Key Selling Point” is that the album is on a label no one has heard of!  It’s the labels first release!

22ndJune '93

Astralwerks Is Born To The World

This is the first ever press release for Astralwerks when the label was introduced to the world by Caroline our distribution company. Following the successful release of the Excursions In Ambience album, which was released on Caroline Records, it was decided that a new label should be created to support the growing electronic scene and Astralwerks was born.  The name was an amalgamation of Astralweeks the seminal Van Morrision album and “werk” from Kraftwerk the legendary electronic pioneers from Germany.  When Astralwerks sent press releases in its early years they were sent on colored Kinko’s paper.  This original press release was unearthed while going through publicity archives that had been in storage for years.

30thJuly '93

Tales Of Ephindrina. The Beginning Of Astralwerks!

Tales of Ephidrina OUT NOW Alert

30thJuly '93

From ambient beginnings...

It’s hard to imagine now, when everyone from chillwavers to Kanye is mining old chillout-room B-sides for inspiration, but in 1993, the idea of ambient electronic music was so alien to most American listeners that a New York Times feature on the genre found it necessary to warn, “Strangers to ambient house may find the variety in these works hard to grasp at first. But a few listens in the proper state of reflective attention reveal the span of experimental moves that the creators of ambient house are making with seemingly random sounds.”

The occasion for the feature was a compilation, Excursions in Ambience, that had just come out on New York’s Caroline Records, an independent label with punk-rock roots that was better known for bands like Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, and Primus. Featuring acts like Future Sound of London, Ultramarine, and Banco De Gaia, the album was designed to showcase the strange new sounds coming out of the U.K. and Europe (as well as pockets of the U.S., in the case of Los Angeles’ Tranquility Bass). Caroline’s Brian Long, who compiled Excursions alongside the New York DJ Mr. Kleen, called it “the future of electronic music: compositional, melodically interesting, texturally interesting, and very forward-thinking.”

Within a few months, Caroline had established a new platform to secure the music’s future: Astralwerks. The new label kicked off on July 30, 1993 — 20 years ago today — with Tales of Ephidrina, the debut album from the Future Sound of London’s Amorphous Androgynous alias.

17thAugust '93

Astralwerks FAX. Old School

Amorphous Androgynous FAX.  That’s how we communicated back then. I don’t recall if they took our club-sensitive A&R suggestions on board. I kind’ve imagine not.  DJ Reese (RIP) was the first employee I hired. He was a regular DJ at the Limelight and we’d worked together at Rockpool Magazine.  – B. Long

15thMarch '94

Astralwerks First Sampler. On Cassette!

Astralwerks’ first promotional sampler.  Long before the now famous Astralwerks CD samplers came, we released these.  Cassette samplers!  Of note is the original Astralwerks starburst logo and the fact that Astralwerks had an email address (via Cyber.net) for fans to connect with us long before AOL, Prodigy, and Hotmail, which came in late ’95.


1stJune '95

SeeFeel. Quique. Advertising

The amazing and short-lived SeeFeel.  If you don’t know the band go back and investigate.

15thAugust '95

The Chemical Brothers Release Debut Album in America

The album that started it all.  After their single “Song To The Siren” turned heads across the world, America fell in love with the band thanks to tracks like “Leave Home” and “Life Is Sweet” featuring Tim Burgess. –E Kolosine


23rdDecember '96

Fatboy Slim releases debut album Better Living Through Chemistry

Better Living Through Chemistry is the debut studio album by English big beat musician Fatboy Slim, released on 23 September 1996. Its name is a variation of a DuPont advertising slogan.

The founder of Skint Records, Damian Harris, has described the album as having been “more of a compilation than an album”, as some of the tracks had been recorded some time previous to its release, due to Norman Cook’s other musical projects. Three of the songs from the album were previously released in Skint’s first volume of their compilation album series Brassic Beats. This same Brassic Beats album is advertised in the album’s booklet.

The album cover features the image of a 3.5-inch floppy disk, paying homage to the cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday” single, which featured a 5.25-inch disk.

The song “Give the Po’ Man a Break” is featured in the 2000 film Traffic.

The song “The Weekend Starts Here” is featured in the first episode of the British sitcom, Spaced.

The piano sample in “Song for Lindy” is from the song “Better Days” by Jimi Polo (1989) which was also sampled by Congress in their track “40 Miles” (1991).

8thJanuary '97

A Technics turntable platter taken from the DJ booth on the closing night of the Original Sound Factory in NYC on 27th street.  This along with the Paradise Garage are arguably two of the most important night clubs in NYC history.

11thJanuary '97

An original Electro-Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer.  We love synths.

31stMarch '97

We Have Explosive!

This track was Future Sound of London’s most successful single, getting to number 12 in the UK Singles Chart in 1997. It features prominent sampling of the Run-DMC album Tougher Than Leather.

3rdApril '97

Chemical Brothers Rolling Stone Review

Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole.  Rolling Stone.  4 STARS.  The enormous press response for The Chemical Brothers begins.  Thank you David Fricke

18thApril '97

The Chemical Brothers Announce 1997 US Tour

Formula (Now Magnum) PR / Astralwerks release for the brothers’ North American tour.   Riding high on the success of their first two albums, the band blazed a trail across the U.S., along with the legendary Orb.  Many minds were blown, some for the first time as we made our way across the country –  enjoying the unique comforts of cross country bus travel.  We watched a lot of episodes of the Simpsons on VHS, among other things! –   E Kolosine

1stMay '97

Remco Sound Effect Machine

Remco Sound Effect machine.  Old School fun.  Maybe have used on an Astralwerks release

2ndDecember '97

U-Ziq uses "The Internet" to shape EP

U-Ziq.  Michael Paradinas decides to allow fans to vote and pick the songs and running order for his new EP.  And he will do so via “The Internet”!  Astralwerks on the cutting edge of technology again!.


The Meteoric Rise

From humble beginnings Astralwerks becomes a tour-de-force in Electronic Music

15thJanuary '97

AMP “Soap On a Rope” promotional item.  We partnered with MTV twice to celebrate their adventurous programming move in 1996 when they launched the electronic show AMP.  We released 2 compilations in 1997 and 1998.  The shows final episode was in 2001.

27thJanuary '98

AIR releases critically acclaimed album 'Moon Safari'

AIR.  Moon Safari.  Regarded as one of the most inportant and celebrated albums of 1998 and an absolute pillar in the Astralwerks catalog.   Sexy Boys indeed.

10thFebruary '98

AMP 2 pacifier!

25thMarch '98

Fatboy Slim hanging mobile

Fatboy Slim.  Promotional Mobile.  Made for Record store displays….remember record stores?

17thApril '98

Astralwerks Mirror.  This pocket sized mirror caused some controversy when we got them in the office.  It caused further scandal when it was mailed out to our retail partners, key radio people and fans of the label that wrote in to get one!

18thJune '98

A rare 1998 promo T-shirt made for WMC featuring our original logo

11thOctober '98

AIR's First U.S. Show

When AIR came to America for their first US shows, many people didn’t realize it was actually their FIRST live performance EVER, including in their home country of France.  With a slew of analog gear on stage that can be delicate to move around and sometimes susceptible to weather and other factors, the show was plagued with issues.  In the end, the band made it through the show but it was clear they needed a lot more time pre-show to set up their gear.

The show took place at a very cool venue called ARO Space.  It was co-owned by Alex Calderwood, a successful entrepreneur who previously started Rudy’s Barbershop and later, after the demise of ARO Space, founded the ACE Hotel.

This is a poster from this first ever AIR show and one in a limited run of 100 posters that were made for the event.

19thMarch '99

AIR - Sexy Boy video

21stJune '99

The Chemical Brothers New Album

The Chemical Brothers release Surrender.  It includes the classic tracks “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” , “Let Forever Be” and “Out Of Control” feat Bernard Sumner of New Order.  Classic cause we say it is!

17thJuly '99

RAVE ON THE ROCKS.  A ticket stub to the event that started electronic music events at the legendary Red Rocks venue in Denver.  It was a double headline with The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim.  We were worried it wouldnt sell out.  It sold out.

21stJuly '99

LRD Hit the States for US tour

Flyer for the one and only LRD (Les Rhythm Digitales) US tour.  1999

9thSeptember '99

Phoenix invade America....

phoenix united

Phoenix invaded America for the first-time in 2000 with their 1980’s style of verse chorus. They grew over the years with a very passionate U.S. following and eventually catapulted themselves to performing in US arenas.

2ndFebruary '00

A mix of Doves items including the confidential (shhhh) marketing plan!

6thFebruary '00

LRD / Versace

Versus/Versace/LRD/Stuart Price/Madonna.  Was an elaborate invite!

6thFebruary '00

Stuart Price meets Madonna

Versus/Versace/LRD/Stuart Price/Madonna.  This was an invite to a Versace party where we introduced a young Stuart Price to Madonna.  The rest is history

28thMarch '00

High Fidelity & The Beta Band

This was a classic moment in one of our favorite films, High Fidelity starring John Cusack, Jack Black, Tim Robbins among others… Cusack’s character ran a record shop and in this scene he says “I will now sell 5 copies of The Three EP’s by The Beta Band”.  The next year The Beta Band opened up for Radiohead in the summer and fall of 2001 and things really took off from there for the techno-prog-folkies.

3rdApril '00

Doves.  The incredible debut album from 2000.  This version was a super limited vinyl edition.  Only 600 numbered copies were ever made.

12thMay '00

AIR bring you The Virgin Suicides soundtrack

AIR scored this critically acclaimed film from Sophia Coppola. The album was nominated for best soundtrack at the 2001 Brit Awards. At the time the band received a lot of acclaim and respect from the French media and the soundtrack became a legendary moment in their career.

15thSeptember '00

Fatboy Slim @ Centro Fly

Fatboy Slim plays Centro Fly which was a small nightclub on 21st street in NYC.  This was a massive underplay for Norman and we sold numbered tickets at the door 1 week before the show.  The catch besides waiting in line was that every ticket buyer needed to be interviewed and be able to answer questions about Fatboy Slim.  The Astralwerks staff did the selling.  Reflectively that might not have been legal!

19thOctober '00

We've Come a Long Way Baby....

The Fatboy inside

20thFebruary '01

Dance with Christopher Walken & Fatboy Slim


weapon of choice video

The song is perhaps best known for its accompanying music video, which was filmed in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel (now the LA Hotel) in Los Angeles in December 2000. Directed by Spike Jonze and featuring actor Christopher Walken, who trained as a dancer in musical theatre before his acting career, it features Walken dancing and flying around in the empty hotel to the music.

The “Weapon of Choice” video won six awards at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. Walken was awarded one of MTV’s “Moonmen” for Best Choreography. The clip was also ranked number one in a list of the top 100 videos of all time by VH1 in April 2002 that was compiled from a music industry survey.

3rdMarch '01

CD OPENER made for our 10 year anniversary.A clever device to open those difficult cellophane wrappers on the outside of CD’s.  We came up with a catchy tag line for the promo item.  “Cutting Edge Music for 10 Years” .  See What we did there?

6thMarch '01

Kings of Convenience Tone Things Down

koc quiet

Here’s the first record from the Norwegian duo Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe that we released in 2001. The guys revel in their softness with this beautiful record and fast became one of our favorite Sunday morning artists to listen to at home. Be sure to pick up the limited edition vinyl re-issue that came out in April 2016 in our shop.

13thMarch '01

WMC 2001.  A pocket size employee only guide to not only our Miami event but every single party and event happening that week.  When the internet was still in its infancy, we made these!

28thApril '01

Coachella 2001

Coachella Artist Parking Pass from 2001.  Yes, we’ve been going to the festival for ages!

25thJune '01

25thJune '01

Basement Jaxx.  Rooty. The incredible follow up to their debut album REMEDY.  This is a promo advance sent to radio.

6thMarch '02

SM Card Sampler!  Thats right….always on the cutting edge of technology we partnered with a company that made 40, 000 units of these to distribute at SXSW in 2002.  It featured all our newest released plus an unreleased gem.

19thOctober '10

Deluxe edition

A limited edition deluxe cloth-bound book version of Fatboy’s classic album.  Big beat!


The Label Expands

Astralwerks flexes and blurs genres finding a new home in between Alternative and Electronic Music

29thJuly '03

This was the debut album from Australia’s The Sleepy Jackson, a delightful record filled with so many trippy pop moments. Frontman Luke Steele is even better known these days as one of the masterminds behind Empire of the Sun but we highly encourage you to take a trip back in time with this classic debut!


22ndSeptember '03

The Chemical Brothers Promo “Zapper toy”.  This rare gem was made to celebrate the first ever singles collection for the band. The plastic toy includes 8 buttons and each one plays a snippit from a classic Chemical Brothers song.  Best Promo Item ever?

13thApril '04

CHEMICAL BROTHERS  EBW3. This was the first shot across the bow of the mighty “Surrender” album, continuing the “EBW” tradition of releasing dance floor stompers ahead of each album on these relatively anonymous vinyl releases..  Subsequently, an alternative version of “Electronic Battle Weapon 3” was later released as “Under The Influence” on the album “Surrender”, while  “Electronic Battle Weapon 4” was later released as “Freak Of The Week” on the “Music:Response” EP. – E Kolosine.

14thApril '04

EBW4. The Chemical Brothers

15thApril '04

EBW5. The Chemical Brothers

16thApril '04

EBW6. The Chemical Brothers

19thApril '04

EBW7. The Chemical Brothers

20thApril '04

EBW8. The Chemical Brothers.

21stApril '04

EBW9. The Chemical Brothers

21stAugust '05

Sia Soundtracks Six Feet Under Finale

Sia’s classic song “Breathe Me” reached an entirely new level when it was used in the series finale of HBO’s critically acclaimed series Six Feet Under. The scene was even written with the song in mind & you can dig more into the song selection over at Vulture.  We all know what happened with Sia’s career in the years to come after this song. Be sure to pick up our vinyl re-issue of her album “Colour the Small One” in the Astralwerks shop.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNwARV9tPUw

22ndMay '06

Hot Chip The Warning.  One of our favorite albums.  This one autographed by the whole band

16thJuly '08

Hot Chip. Rare Mirror Sleeve 12″ single

19thJuly '08

Hot Chip Backstage pass

18thJuly '18

Fatboy Slim guy.  A huge, life size Fatboy who is featured on the cover on Normans second album You’ve Come A Long Way Baby”.  He couldnt be used on the US cover as we didnt have the rights to use his image.  That said this guy has moved around with us through 4 office moves.  Long Live The Fatboy!


The New Pioneers

Astralwerks artists continue to break new ground selling out arenas and redefining the sound of radio.

21stAugust '09

David Guetta.  Rare USB Cassette.   worlds collide!

17thMarch '10

I Feel Better with Hot Chip Videos

Is it a boy band with a fanatical fanbase? Or is there more behind them? One of our favorite videos from Hot Chip, or as a matter of fact, our entire 23 year history.

10thApril '11

Kraftwerk - The Catalogue. MOMA Edition

Kraftwerk.  The Catalogue.  When the band played their now-legendary, first-ever installation shows at MOMA in NY, a special commemorative edition of their catalogue box set was made in a black and numbered limited edition.  This one is # 0002 and is autographed by Ralf Hutter.

26thAugust '11

David Guetta Breaks Through!

David Guetta started to make a larger stamp in the American electronic and dance music scene with his 2009 album One Love but reached an entirely new peak with the release of “Nothing But the Beat” in 2011. The album featured numerous hit singles including “Where Them Girls At”, “Without You”, “Turn Me On” and this track “Titanium” featuring Sia. These tracks forever changed what was being played on Pop radio and David helped pave the way for numerous artists to follow him.

26thAugust '11

David Guetta Shot Glass

David Guetta Shot Glass.  Made for Nothing But The Beat.  Drink up!

16thDecember '11

Swedish House Mafia @ MSG!

Swedish House Mafia @ Madison Square Garden.  Who Knew it was possible?….we did!  Sold out in less than 10 minutes and the first DJ’s to sell out MSG.

11thApril '12

Kraftwerk MOMA passes

A full set of VIP passes from the Legendary Kraftwerk NYC MOMA shows in April 2012

13thApril '12

Kraftwerk. MOMA. Computer World

Kraftwerk @ MOMA in NY.  This is one of 8 different VIP passes made for the Kraftwerk retrospective installation a MOMA which celebrated 8 legendary Kraftwerk albums over the course of 8 special concerts.

24thJune '12

Swedish House Mafia announced the end...

This was easily Swedish House Mafia’s biggest song from their short career… They announced their break-up on June 24th, 2012 and this video gives you insight into their rise to fame of selling out massive arenas and stadiums all across the globe. They were easily one of the biggest faces of the mainstream progressive house music movement.


Astralwerks: Music for the Masses

The pioneering label takes its new artists in the Global spotlight

20thApril '13

Astralwerks Celebrates Record Store Day & 20th Anniversary!

You probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you how long it took to put together this super rare and limited edition box set for our 20th anniversary. What better way to launch it than on Record Store Day, one of our favorite days of the year? This bad boy is now sold out forever but we have a few lying around the office & would like to give one away via a contest from time to time. Stay tuned for that….

30thJuly '13

Astralwerks 20 year anniversary Placque

When Astralwerks turned 20 our chairman made an incredible plaque for Astralwerks HQ.

30thJuly '13

Astralwerks 20 Year Anniversary Box Set

Astralwerks 20th Anniversary Flexi Disc Box set.  20 Years, 20 Artists, 20 bucks.  Made in very limited supply these were issued on the 20th anniversary of the label on July 30th, 2013.  Includes unreleased and rare tracks by Kraftwerk, Hot Chip and classic tracks by The Chemical Brothers and Swedish House Mafia.

16thDecember '13

What a journey it was to get to this point. SOLD OUT. Swedish House Mafia at Madison Square Garden!

10thJanuary '14

Halsey Hotel door hanger

Halsey –  Room 93 Hotel Room Hanger.  Made for the debut Halsey EP and sent around the country to hang on Hotel Doors and dorm room doors everywhere!

20thMarch '14

Porter Robinson.  Street signs made and distributed around Ultra Festival in Miami 2014.

18thJuly '14

Porter Robinson Worlds Promo Cup

Porter Robinson Worlds Promo Cup.  500 made.

18thJuly '14

Earplugs are key. We want you to be able to hear all of our music for many years to come, so don’t go deaf!

12thAugust '14

Porter Robinson WORLDS.  Deluxe box set that included a rare 7″ and a Porter Logo Stencil.  Rad.

12thAugust '14

Porter Robinson Worlds.  Inside the deluxe box with stencil.

12thAugust '14

Worn in Porter Robinson’s “Lionhearted” video…

2ndSeptember '14

Much of America was hit with one of the worst cold / winter spells in 2013 and when this video was released in February 2014, it was like a grand welcome into the spring season for us. We eventually thawed out…. thanks to this song that warmed up the globe, 175 million views later.

1stOctober '14

Halsey Badlands Room 93 / Room Key / Download Card

Halsey Room 93 Special Download Card/Room Key

1stOctober '14

Halsey Polariods

A full set of Halsey Polaroids to celebrate the release of Room 93. These were included in select orders from her official store in 2014.

1stJanuary '15

Lemaitre Hat

The Classic Lemaitre “Snap Back” cap.  Quite possibly the best and coolest hat ever made.  They are still available…get one now!

2ndMarch '15

Can’t sleep? Yea that’s us sometimes. We have babies you know…

9thJune '15

Yes, sometimes we travel to New Jersey for shows, especially when it involves Halsey, where she originally grew up!

27thAugust '15

Halsey: Badlands Air Pop Up Sign

This Massive sign was made for the Badlands Air Pop Up Shop on Melrose Avenue In Los Angeles.  Open for one day only on August 26th, fans could acquire a “Boarding Card” to enter a secret show on street date for Halsey’s debut album Badlands.

2ndSeptember '15

BADLANDS Deluxe Box Set

Halsey deluxe Badlands Box Set.  An amazing package for an incredible album.

9thSeptember '15

Cassettes are hip again, haven’t you heard? Pick up this limited edition gem while supplies last.

9thOctober '15

For the 2015 Holiday season we wanted a Halsey fan to be able to gift BADLANDS to a friend and what better way to do that than with limited edition wrapping paper! Gone forever, or maybe until next holiday season…

25thJanuary '16

The Chemical Brothers Take you on a Wide Open trip...

The Chemical Brothers returned to working with longtime collaborators Dom&Nic who produced and directed this fantastic video featuring vocals from Beck. Did you know it was done in one shot? Dig deeper into the video here… Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a Tom & Ed appearance and see if you can recognize where that image of them originally comes from? Hit us up on Twitter if you can spot it.

25thFebruary '16

Halsey Colors Lithograph

Colors rare limited numbered edition lithograph.  Made to celebrate and announce the Colors video launch.  Ask us how to get one!

26thFebruary '16

Halsey Badlands Prep Bumper Sticker

Halsey.  Badlands Prep School bumber Sticker.  These rare stickers were made for the launch of the Colors video.  Can you spot the sticker in the video?

6thJune '16

The wait is over!

Sixteen years after the release of their critically acclaimed, award winning debut Since I Left YouThe Avalanches return with their second album, Wildflower.

26thOctober '16

The complete Chemical Brothers' Catalog is back on wax!

The Chemical Brothers’ entire catalog of eight studio albums will soon be available in the U.S. on double LP vinyl.

3rdNovember '16

Sigma - Find Me ft. Birdy

DJ/producer duo Sigma release their music video for their track “Find Me,” featuring Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown on an emotional journey through a busting city. 

31stMarch '17

hopeless fountain kingdom album artwork scavenger hunt

Halsey revealed the artwork to her album ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’, out June 2nd, via a global scavenger hunt for fans!

21stMay '17

Halsey performs Now or Never at the BBMAs

Halsey blew the crowd away with a show-stopping performance of “Now or Never” on the 2017 Billboard Music Awards! She also took home three awards for her collaboration “Closer” with The Chainsmokers.

31stMay '17

House Of Angelus Pop Up

Fans explored the Angelus House from Halsey‘s  “Now or Never” music video, listened to unreleased music, shopped for exclusive merch & album bundles, plus had their tarot cards read!

8thJune '17

House Of Aureum Pop Up

Fans were invited to the House of Aureum Pop Up in Brooklyn where hundreds of fans lined up starting at 6AM to meet HalseyFans were able to purchase hopeless fountain kingdom CDs and vinyl, exclusive merch, and leave Halsey a message on the fan wall.

11thJune '17

Halsey's hopeless fountain kingdom debuts at #1

Halsey reigns at number one! The first woman in 2017 to top the Billboard charts with ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’!

28thJuly '17

Apple Music Curator

Apple Music lovers, you can now find us as an official curator on the service! Check out our amazing playlists that will take you on a trip through our 24 year history HERE. Playlists feature cuts from The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Halsey, Cut Copy & many more!

30thJuly '17

24th Anniversary

In honor of our 24th anniversary, we sold this limited edition shirt for 24 cents for 24 minutes!  Stay tuned for what we have planned for our 25th anniversary!

11thAugust '17

The Kooks Vinyl Reissue

The Kooks‘ timeless first and second albums, Inside In/Inside Out and Konk, were reissued on vinyl!

24thAugust '17

Halsey & Charli XCX Cover Billboard

Pop outlaw Halsey covered Billboard Magazine with Charli XCX!

29thSeptember '17

Halsey's HFK Tour

Halsey kicked off her hopeless fountain kingdom area tour on Sept. 29, 2017, her 23rd birthday! Charli XCX and PartyNextDoor supported Halsey on her eight-week North American headline tour.

20thOctober '17

Cut Copy Experiential Website

Immerse yourself in Cut Copy’s Haiku From Zero via an experiential website designed by Björn Flóki Björnsson. Visit “Making Haiku” HERE.

18thJuly '18

Brian Eno Vinyl Reissues

We released a limited edition of 4 deluxe gatefold, heavyweight double vinyl Brian Eno classics – Here Come The Warm Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World and Before and after Science. Each album is now spread over 2 vinyl discs, playing at 45 RPM and were half-speed mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, ensuring these seminal works sound better than ever before.